Ballards Road, dagenham 

Start date: 12 July 2021 

Duration: Approximately 12 weeks

Project manager: Alex Wright

Local delivery partner: JDT Utilities


Project overview

We are upgrading the gas pipes in various locations on Ballards Road, Oval Road North and Ridgewell Close to ensure you continue to receive a reliable gas supply for many more years to come.

Our aim is to replace all the metallic mains and service pipes in these locations. This means that we will need to excavate holes in the ground to access the gas pipes in order to inspect and replace them.

Due to the nature of the work involved, we have planned to deliver it in a number of phases to maximise efficiency and minimise disruption. Details of these phases can be found in the project information leaflet on the right-hand-side of this page.


Contacting us

Our area customer manager is Justine Sadler. She can be reached on or by telephone on 07929 656795.

You can also contact our customer care centre by telephone on 0800 085 4478 (lines are open 8.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am to 4.00pm on Saturdays) or by email to

Project updates

10 August - 15:30

Work is ongoing on the final section of the project on Ridgewell close. We expect the last 200m to be completed as planned by the end of next week.

Once this phase is finished, a new project will start on the opposite side of Ballards Road. The work is expected to take two – three weeks, no customer gas supplies will be affected.

31 August - 16:00

This week the team will begin work on the next 100m phase of the project between the junction of Orchard Road to the junction of Ridgewell Close.

Any customers affected by this work will have been notified.

25 August – 15:20

The team is currently working near the junction with Orchard Road where a road closure is now place. A new section of gas pipe is being inserted to existing main between the junction of Orchard Road and Ballards Road – no gas supplies have been affected.

The current road closure in place will be removed by the end of the week.

18 August - 15:40

Engineering works on the current phase are complete, reinstatement work will be finished by the end of this week.

Next week the team will be working on Ballards Road between the junctions of Orchard Road and Ridgewell Close. There will be an access only road closure on Orchard Road.

13 August – 15:00

A road closure is planned to start on 23 August.

There will be an access only road closure on Orchard Road from the junction of Broad Street for approximately two weeks whilst works are in progress. Customers affected by the engineering works will be notified.

11 August - 13:45

The reinstatement team are working on Oval Road North, between the junctions of Ballards Road and Crosby Road for the rest of next week.

All works are currently on schedule and progressing well.

6 August – 16:00

The first phase of work on Ridgewell Close was completed yesterday. Reinstatement work on Ballards Road and Oval Road North westbound will be completed today.

The four-way traffic lights on the junction of Ballards Road and Oval Road North are being removed and the original lights will be restored on Saturday morning.

On Monday morning there will be a directional closure on Oval Road North eastbound and full road closure on Crosby road.

4 August - 15:00

Reinstatement work is currently underway on Oval Road North between the junctions of Ballards Road and Review Road. This is due to be completed and the site cleared by Saturday 7 August.

Engineering works are progressing as planned on Ridgewell Close with reinstatement work due to start on Monday 9 August.

On Monday 9 August engineering works will begin on Oval Road North between the junctions of Ballards Road and Crosby Road. During this time there will no access to Crosby Road from Ballards Road, we expect this road closure to be in place for two weeks. Any customers affected by these works will have received an information card.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

30 July - 16:30

The permit to work for Oval Road North has been extended until 20 August, however, work is still on track.

On Monday 2 August the team will be moving along to Ridgewell Close as planned. Customers will be given a card to let them know when the service pipe to their property is going to be replaced.

We will provide further updates next week.

27 July - 16:15

We are pleased to confirm that the first section of this project is now complete. We are on track to have engineering works complete on Oval Road North (west bound) to the junction of Review Road by Friday 30 July 2021. Reinstatement will be carried out the following week.

Four-way traffic lights are now in place on the junction of Oval Road North and Ballards Road.