Salmon Lane to Commercial Road


Start date: March 2023

End Date: December 2023 

Project manager: Jack Deaney

Local delivery partner: Murray Utilities Limited


Project overview

As part of the wider large diameter replacement programme being carried out under the LMPS we will be upgrading a 660m section between Salmon Lane and Commercial Road. This will be split into the following phases:

  1. 200m between Salmon Lane and Yorkshire Road
  2. 460m between Yorkshire Road and Commercial Road

Phase 1 will be carried out between March 2023 and September 2023 which also includes the replacement of the above ground canal crossing at Salmon Lane.

Phase 2 will begin on commencement of Phase 1 and is anticipated to last until December 2023.


8 December - 16:20

Salmon Lane

Welders have finished their work on the new steel pipe crossing the Regents Canal, which has now passed its safety tests and is ready for commissioning.

The team is beginning to close down the site and has started to remove equipment to tidy and minimise its footprint. 

28 November - 10:50

Commercial Road

The test and commission procedures were completed on the new pipe from Yorkshire Road to outside 516 Commercial Road.

The reinstatement was completed in two locations in Yorkshire Road and two locations on Commercial Road. As a result of this we were ahead of our schedule which has enabled us to remove the traffic management and get the Branch Road/Commercial Road junction back to normal, and also fully open Yorkshire Road. 

Salmon Lane

The team carried out lifting operations to install the new steel pipe across the Regent's Canal. Welding operations are continuing to construct the new line in preparation for test and commissioning of the new pipe.

10 November - 12:10

Salmon Lane

The welders are fabricating the 762 mm steel pipe work on the approach to the pipe crossing of the Regency Canal. This has involved some additional work to support the excavations working on the back of the canal.

Commercial Road

We have excavated on the old 48” cast iron main at the junction with Commercial Road and Branch Road uncovering the elbow to enable us to remove and make connections to the new replacement plastic pipework.

The new 630 mm pipe has now been inserted into the old 48” main From Ratcliffe Cross street on Commercial Road towards Branch Road and then deviating up Yorkshire Road to the junction with Salmon Lane.

The main is current pressurised with air under test and this will be on test for a week prior to commissioning.

30 October - 13:00

Salmon Lane 

The team is now out the ground with the new 762mm Steel pipe work on the west side of the Regents Canal and the first scaffold platform is in place in preparation for the canal crossing pipe work to be welded in place.

On the East side of the canal we are currently excavating and welding the new in ground pipe work.

Commercial Road 

Traffic management has been installed on the junction with Commercial Road and Branch Road and we are now excavating to facilitate the insertion of the new plastic pipe.

13 October  - 15:10

Salmon Lane

The team has been working on the existing gas pipe on the west side of the Regents Canal crossing, the work area has been reinstated so that scaffolding to be re-erected for above ground welding to take place. On the east side of the canal the team has begun excavating and installing support the canal bank.

Commercial Road

Work has been ongoing to decommission approximately 475m  of the existing pipe. Further excavations have been carried out to enable confined space within the decommissioned pipe.

The new pipe has been delivered and is ready for insertion, however we have agreed with TfL to pause work to avoid clash with Blackwall Tunnel closures (Riverlinx project). 


11 October - 09:30

Below are details of traffic diversions that will be in place from Monday 16 October.

If you have any questions about this phase of work, the team will be on hand to answer them during a drop-in event on Wednesday 18 October, details can be found below.

18 SEPTEMBER - 12.00

Following the update provided last week, please find an overview of the latest traffic management arrangements which will be in place from today. For more information, please contact our community relations team using the details provided in the letter below. 


15 September - 16:00

Work is ongoing on the gas pipe from the school in Salmon Lane into Lowell Street. Scaffold access has been installed and vegetation has been cleared on the east side of canal to enable excavation on canal bank.

The area outside Sir William Burrough School has been reinstated in order to reduce impact on local traffic and pedestrians. Welders have been working at Waterview flats and  have also started fabrication on the west side of the canal.

Please note that a six week interim extension for the current phase of this project has been agreed. This means that the anticipated end date is now 29 October. The footprint of the current traffic management arrangements will be reduced on 18 September and parking suspensions extended until 29 October in Lowell Street.


1 September - 16:30

Three-way temporary traffic lights are currently in place on Salmon Lane and Carr Street remains closed.

The team is continuing to work on the existing steel pipe into Lowell Street. They will be installing a new 63mm pipe as a temporary supply to Waterview flats for phase 2 of the projects.

Reinstatement work is underway on Lowell street today in preparation for a traffic management swap over on Lowell Street at 13.00 Saturday. CCTV has been repositioned to accommodate the new site layout.



Following a successful period of testing the section between the junction of Salmon Lane/Yorkshire Road and the above ground canal crossing has now been commissioned. The insertion between Lowell Street and Salmon Lane is ongoing.

This image on the bottom right shows the size of the gas pipe that is being upgraded which is the largest that we have on Cadent’s network!


The exposed canal crossing was removed from its position in readiness for the replacement as well as the insertion works carried out between at the junction of Salmon Lane/Yorkshire Road and the above ground canal crossing as well as at the junction of Lowell Street and Salmon Lane; this included the removal of the 12” above ground steel bypass.


Work was carried out to fully decommission the section of the network that is being upgraded to allow it to be inserted with a new PE gas pipe which is planned to be carried out between June and August 2023. Once completed it will require a period of testing prior to it being reconnected the gas network and allow the reinstatement process to begin.


To ensure that there is no interruption to customers supply during the upgrade works we had to install a fabricated 12” above ground steel bypass at the junction of Salmon Lane and Yorkshire Road, this will be in place for the duration of the phase 1 works.

Load tests were also carried out on the gas network to further ensure there will be on in interruption to customers supply which is carried out by closing large diameter valves to shut off the section of the network that is being upgraded.


All permits opened with The London Borough of Tower Hamlets on 11th April 2023 with associated traffic management put in place, these closures are put in place for the safety of both the public and the operatives on site whilst ensuring traffic flow can be maintained during our works. More details on the associated traffic management and road/lane closures can be found at the top right of the page.

Survey works began on site to locate any underground utilities that might be present prior to breaking ground on the physical exactions required to carry out the upgrading of the gas pipes. Due to the ground being very congested with other utilities progress on site can be slow due to the extra care that is required when carrying out the excavations.


Work began on Lowell Street to remove the trees to enable the lifting and excavations required to carry out the replacement of the above ground canal crossing. The tree felling was completed under licenced agreement with The Canal and River Trust and The London

Borough of Tower Hamlets and once the project is complete a full replanting and maintenance scheme will be in place.

The advanced warning signs were also set out in relation to the canal tow path closure between June and September 2023.